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Architecting Cybersecurity into your business.

As threats accelerate and emerge around us, do you know what your enterprise architecture looks like?
Using our Security Architects we audit your attack surface - authentication and authorization, data flow, entry points, ports, SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS integrations, internet-facing assets, and more to keep your architecture, infrastructure, and people safe.

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We look for Attack Paths

We conduct attack surface analysis by reviewing your architecture and infrastructure.  Conducting threat models and creating threat maps of what technical components and systems need to be reviewed and tested for security vulnerabilities and we curate the technical security controls you need to mitigate the risks.  

Our MAC Cyber Team

Our security architects and engineers provide security planning, designs, and reviews to strengthen your security architecture, infrastructure, and on-prem and cloud networks to minimize your attack surface.

We are an elite yet strategic architect firm that constantly innovates in anticipation of industry cyber threats and vulnerabilities by developing new security patterns and technical security controls to keep your business secure.

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Putting machines before humans
Pen testing once or twice a year?
Pen testing a single route or point of entry?
Are you pen testing the right asset?
How many tools does it take to scan your network?
Are you scanning everything?

All of this doesn't work if you don't have experienced eyes and ears that go beyond the machines, you need humans…hire the MAC Cyber Team.

We deliver a threat-driven approach to Cybersecurity Architecture.


We design
intelligent security architecture with analytics.


We think like an attacker to curate the controls.


Customer benefits

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Identify attack routes that boost your security maturity level.

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Gain visibility into your risks and vulnerable assets.

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Make the best security decisions.

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Understand your risk profile.

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Make security investments that count.

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Measure, track, and improve your cybersecurity maturity.

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