Our Services.

We design projects locally, nationally, and globally.

MAC Cyber Designs provides the security design drawings, workflows, security controls, for all of your technology solution needs. We will address each company's needs and requirements and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your company’s information. We utilize both cybersecurity engineering and architecture to provide the security-by-design needed to ensure that all of your security assurances and technologies work in harmony. Our architectural designs and programs will enable you to set up and maintain your security program, prepare for audits, and respond to security incidents.

  • We design Enterprise Security Architecture in any environment, industry, and location

  • Review IT solution architecture designs and plans while providing the security components and controls to the design

  • Build security-by-design principles and patterns in high level or detailed level architecture plans and projects

  • Design and document enterprise security strategic plans or tactical programs

  • Create easy to read security workflow processes that support your cybersecurity needs

  • Determine the appropriate technical security controls within each solution architect design or review

  • Evaluate the organization's compliance requirements within the IT solution architecture design and plans

Our design process




We work with you to schedule a planning session.  We conduct a team review of your solution whether in place or a new project.  Conduct a technical working session.



After discovery, we narrow down the details and focus on the deliverables to scope the project according to your requirements.  We discuss the deliverables and schedule the outcomes.




We utilize our security design patterns, methodologies, and principles during our design phase.  Create and prep the necessary documented drawings, workflows, and security controls.




We schedule time with you to review our deliverables.  Conduct a walk-thru of the security architecture drawings, program documentation, and security control sets.  Then schedule the next project.

How we work


Technical Projects


We work on a per-project basis with an estimated bank of billable hours throughout the project.




We offer a monthly set of work hours based on the size of your organization and the number of technical projects.