A threat-based approach to curate modern technical security controls.

MAC Cyber Designs provides deep technical security controls for your IT architecture and technology. Our mission is to keep your business protected with the countermeasures and safeguards you need.

Defensible Controls are a collection set of deep technical security controls. These controls cover many components, networks, and technologies that run on your IT architecture.  Today, most Industry frameworks and standards, provide only the administrative, management, policies, and process controls sets that give businesses the best practices approach to use as a guide when creating their security programs.

How do we differ?


Defensible Controls go deeper into the control sets to give you the technical guidance to properly secure your IT architecture.

Utilizing our comprehensive, threat intelligence-based R&D program, and IT & Security experience we provide pre-curated and formulated technical security controls ready for your IT systems and network components.

  • Designed with threat intelligence

  • Curated with threat analytics

Our design process


  • Auditable Actions

  • Compliance ready

  • Exceeds regulatory requirements


We invite you to download a copy of our 'Threat Analysis and Security Controls' artifact.

Complimentary Security Artifact

We use Mitre Att&ck to curate the Technical Security Controls you need.