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Our Firm.

We are MAC Cyber Designs - a Houston-based cybersecurity architect and engineering firm.

Our culture and core beliefs are defined as passionately advocating for what is right and what is best for our customers. Our knowledge, special skill set, and passion for technology and security allow us to secure your business through proper architect security designs. Our mission is to build strong partner alliances with our customers to drive secure business outcomes.

Most businesses do not have in-house Security Architects or the resources and expertise to conduct security reviews, architect designs, and provide the necessary security controls for your application development, network infrastructure, and technology solutions.  Partner with us to deliver the security-by-design you need.

The MAC Cyber Team

The main goal of MAC Cyber Designs is to improve the security industry by utilizing proven security strategies and experience. Founder Art Chavez has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology over many industries, his career began in help desk support, progressed to building server infrastructures and network systems, and continued to advance into the world of cybersecurity. Over the years, Art’s technical expertise has allowed him to be a part of many projects designing Security Architecture which requires strategic and tactical planning. The process and methodologies used ensures a company’s security is top priority. Art’s experience and passion for technology and safeguarding a company’s most valuable assets has been the focus of MAC Cyber Designs.  

In addition to MAC Cyber Designs, Art’s innovative way of thinking and keeping connected with the world of technology has led to the creation of International Security Architects (ISA) United. As Founder and Community President of, Art has created a private community for Security professionals to stay connected, share knowledge or support their security architect peers.  


Art Chavez

Principal Security Architect


Zach Chavez

Lead Systems Engineer

Zach Chavez has brought many years of experience and knowledge of various systems to MAC Cyber Designs. As a U.S. Army Veteran and  Skilled Cyber Security Engineer with over 4 years of technical experience in the Cyber Security and Information Technology Industry. Zach is an independent and results-driven engineer with the ability to identify threats and vulnerabilities in multiple networks and systems, as well as implementing security and IT solutions to prevent cyber-attacks.

Our elite unit of analysts and engineers conducts our research and development of cyber threats and vulnerabilities to keep you safe and secure.